Getting brands into bed together…

Fusion brings like-minded brands together to provide consumers (and the brands), with added value. It’s a win-win-win.


                 About Us

One of the fundamental revelations of modern advertising is that consumers want more – more value, more surprise and delight, more freebies. Seems a fairly obvious fact, but one that was only truly leveraged for TCC with the birth of Fusion.

Fusion specialises in connecting brands through a symbiotic relationship that mutually benefits both brands, driving volume and pushing sales. In simple terms, Fusion facilitates many brand synergy options including discount promotions, freebie offers and loyalty programmes that encourage consumer interaction and engagement. Whether it’s SMS, USSD or Mobisite – they will have your consumers thanking you for getting into bed with your new partner. Nice hey!

“Buy-and-get” is a tactic as old as marketing itself but Fusion has opened up a whole world of potential that is not limited by the size and scope of the individual brands but the collective power of brand partnerships! Fusion is the smarter way to add value for your consumers.

So why not use their relationships to form your perfect brand partnership…

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