Hello. We’re The Creative Counsel – the largest sales, marketing and advertising group in South Africa. Keep reading to find out why the world’s biggest brands choose us to champion the frontline of their marketing battles.


It all started with two men, two cellphones and one big bad Yellow Pages. Their commitment to ‘brilliance or nothing’ and ‘winning by a mile’ grew TCC into the country’s leading solutions-centric advertising hub that asks, “What’s the problem to solve?”, rather than, “What’s the media plan?”.

If we had to be boxed, we’d call our offering TTL, but the truth is, we have no box. TCC creates media-agnostic brand solutions based on real market insights and adds the labels later. Driven by our passion to make ideas that actually happen, we are obsessed with delivering for our clients and changing the way consumers act or transact.

TCC has gathered some of the country’s finest minds to make up the over 1500 strong staff complement that run over 300 campaigns nationally, every year. Our shiny client list boasts a number of international giants as well as proudly South African brands from just about every category and industry.  

We’ve also spent wads of cash on world-class infrastructure, custom-developed campaign management solutions and gathering the latest trends and insights from around the world – all so our clients don’t have to!

So don’t look at us as an ad agency, but rather a brand partner to fight with you in the trenches of the modern-day landscape and deliver real, never-before-seen solutions that will change the way your consumers act or transact and achieve your brands objectives.