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Product of the Year gives the power back to consumers in deciding what products and brands are best. Amandla!


            About us

The Creative Counsel Group is proud to support the work of Product of the Year. As a sponsor of the South African chapter, TCC supports Product of the Year in its efforts to identify innovative products with the aim of educating consumers and informing their purchase decisions. 

For over 30 years in 42 countries, on every major continent, Product of the Year has helped consumers find the best new products across all categories, from coffee to car insurance.

Each year, the organisation gathers the opinions of over 5,000 South Africans from around the country and awards the highest ranked product, as voted for by consumers, the right to use the Product of the Year logo. This means that the survey results are a true reflection of how brands and products are perceived and what consumers truly love.

Contact Details:

preeteshPreetesh Sewraj / Raisa Laureles
+27 84 505 7295
+27 11 051 3001/2/3