Infusing UNUSUAL elements into every event

Creativity, limitless interactive technology and astounding décor stretched as far as the imagination will take it, creates a harmonious event. We hunt down and embrace all that is unusual.



The Unusuals events company was born when TCC realised that we could apply the same level of insight, fun and uniqueness in our consumer experiences to events, which are just super fancy “activations” that are also aimed at changing the way people act, feel or relate to a brand or cause. So yes, we’re an events company who uses the eventing platform for customers to engage with brands and translate it into action. Granted, this sounds like nothing new, but then we get into the detail…


Literally. From product launches to conferences or networking, creating an experience requires intricate and detailed planning of the level of engagement at each touch point across the customer journey. Every minute detail from the wording on an invitation, the logo on the pen to the way your guests enter the venue is scrutinized to ensure that it all works together to deliver on an emotional connection with the customer, captivating their minds, their attention and ultimately imprinting the brand on their memory.


What sets The Unusuals apart from the competition? Daring to pitch that “you may have lost your mind” idea to your client, rather than opting for the safe approach. “We’re not wild cards, but we live dangerously on the edge of the comfort zone – the ambitious DRIVE, and the mediocre travel as passengers. We’re not calling ‘shotgun’, we’re asking who has the keys.

              Get ready to be blown away!

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Roxana Ravjee

+27 71 680 8200
+27 71 680 8200