Be bold. Be brave. Create!

Lovingly referred to as the “brains” of the outfit, Unit 5 is a simmering pot of some of the country’s top creative talent whose soul purpose is to feed the business with solution-driven campaign ideas. Isn’t that cool…


               About Us

Once TCC had mastered the art of in-store promotions all those very many years ago, Unit 5 was added to the mix. This hyper-creative team gives TCC its conceptual edge by delivering ideas that are not only innovative, distinctive and all-round shaap, but very importantly also strategically sound and executable. It’s all about making ideas that happen!

Some may claim that all creatives are unique but the team at Unit 5 is exceptional in skill set. In addition to creativity that would make Picasso himself blush, the team is trained to understand logistics and feasibility so that ideas are as loved by clients as they are by fellow creatives. All solutions begin with a human truth or relevant insight that is then built into a “big idea” off the right strategic platform. The team then identifies how best to manifest this “big idea” across multiple touch points that are relevant to the brand problem and not necessarily the media schedule.

The result is effective brand-consumer relationships and a crew of crazy creatives that make ideas that actually happen, and change the way consumers act or transact.

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